Velvet Caravan with Annie Sellick in the Lounge - 4/4/19

Velvet Caravan with Annie Sellick in the Lounge - 4/4/19

Thursday, April 04 2019 5:30pm Doors / 7:00pm Start / Ends 8:30pm (Estimated End TIme)


General Admission
Thu Apr 04 2019

Velvet Caravan with Annie Sellick in the Lounge - 4/4/19

at City Winery The Lounge at City Winery

8:30pm (Estimated End TIme)


General Admission





Since it’s beginning, Velvet Caravan’s journey has continued to gain momentum, as its reputation for top-notch virtuosity and unforgettable live shows has become the band’s unique global brand.  Praised for its “compositional whimsy and ferocious technique” (The Austin Chronicle), Velvet Caravan “brings together musicians from as close as Austin and as far away as Venezuela and Slovenia. The quintet's varied lineage contributes to its eclectic sound, as the group weaves thick threads of Latin and gypsy music into acoustic swing jazz” (The Austin Chronicle).  Whether on the big stage with a full orchestra or in an intimate jazz club, the band remains “tight and vibrantly free. Velvet Caravan pours violin, acoustic guitar, upright bass, accordion, keyboard and percussion into a gumbo of lively swing music.” (Creative Loafing, Atlanta)

As a national and international touring ensemble, the band still calls Savannah, Georgia it’s home, bringing a bit of southern charm and coastal coolness to their music. If one were to name one Savannah-based musical act that most exemplifies this time-honored, eclectic and adventurous city, they’d be hard to find a more appropriate ambassador than Velvet Caravan.

This unorthodox, high-energy, acoustic-based quintet has, over the past few years, emerged as one of the shining lights of the Coastal Empire's burgeoning music scene. In that time, the band has grown to perform as an instrumental combo which routinely drew enthusiastic and loyal followers at raucous restaurants and jazz clubs to a respected and admired touring act that’s comfortable in an attentive listening room or large concert hall.  They have recently built their show to occasionally collaborate with vocalists, orchestras, and a variety of featured musicians.

Among the orchestral collaborations, the group has performed with the Savannah Philharmonic Orchestra, the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra, and the Jackson Symphony Orchestra.  They have also performed in world-class jazz clubs such as The Iridium in New York City, The Jazz Corner in Hilton Head and in intimate listening rooms such as Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta.  Among many festivals and events, Velvet Caravan has enjoyed performing with many music festivals including the South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin, TX and the Rochester International Jazz Festival in Rochester, NY.

Velvet Caravan’s unique ability to subtly shift musical gears without sacrificing their integrity as composers and performers is rare indeed.  This has resulted in an envelope-pushing group that’s just as successful at dazzling jaded cocktail drinkers as they are at commanding the rapt attention of serious music aficionados in whisper-quiet recital environments. Of late, the band has even taken things a step further, by mesmerizing and inspiring even the most finicky of schoolchildren through fun and engaging music educational programming.

The Band:

Ricardo Ochoa: violin

Ricardo uses a Tas d'ordures gypsy fiddle

Jimmy Grant: guitar

Jimmy uses Favino Guitars

Eric Dunn: upright bass

Eric uses Chadwick Folding basses and Upton Basses

Vuk Pavlovic: drums and percussion

Jared Hall: piano, organ, and accordion

Jared uses Hammond Organs

Ferocious technique!” – The Austin Chronicle

Tight and vibrantly free, Velvet Caravan pours violin, acoustic guitar, upright bass, accordion, keyboard…The ensuing worldly sound is sophisticated, yet fun and organic.” The Beaufort Gazette


Annie Sellick

"Annie Sellick may be compared to the greats - Ella’s playfulness, Carmen’s attitude, Betty’s instincts and Anita’s flair" (Greg Lee, WMOT jazz radio). "But, she is unequivocally and undeniably an original." Don’t let her southern drawl, as sweet as biscuits n’ honey, cause you to make assumptions, because there is nothing shy or demure about Ms. Sellick’s control - of the stage, the music, her sound, and her audience.

It’s quite obvious she is totally at home as a live performer, immediately engaging her audiences with an innate ability to make everyone in the room feel like she is performing just for them. But these special gifts aside, it’s Annie’s pure talent as a musician that is earning her rave reviews and a growing fan base around the world.

Annie lives in Nashville, Tennessee; however, she is quick to tell you "growing up in ‘Music City’ I hated country music."But Nashville is home base for some of the finest musicians in the world playing every genre of music. "I have had the opportunity to play with a very talented pool of Nashville-based jazz players, and it has been a great place to cut my teeth and learn. These days I am learning from Nashville musicians of all styles.There is such a high level of musicianship here, and the support of the community is unparalleled.

At first, Annie had no intention of pursuing a career as a performer, which would likely have led to a roller coaster life and living in her parents’ basement at 30! Then one evening in a dive bar" near the college she attended in Middle Tennessee, Annie sat in with guitarist Roland Gresham. The only standards I knew were ‘Fever’ and ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow, she remembers, laughing. I sang ‘Fever’ and everybody went berserk. The band hired her then and there. She recalls getting the names of jazz singers from a friend, tracking down their albums, learning the tunes a few at a time and then returning to the club to sing them.

Annie’s career had a fairytale beginning - not unlike Lana Turner wearing the right sweater into Schwab’s Drugstore in Hollywood. But there is nothing make-believe about her talent. Her obvious ease in front of an audience, the naturalness of her voice, her sense of timing and interpretation of lyrics, her feel for the music - these elements all came together during this time. While performing gigs at night, she studied her craft at the Nashville Jazz Workshop and was offered their first work/study opportunity. The Nashville jazz community and its fans spread the word about this young pixie-faced singer with the long dreads whose voice denied both her youth and looks - adding to her charm and appeal.

Today, Annie is a mainstay at the major jazz venues in Nashville, where she has performed with all of Music City’s jazz artists, including Beegie Adair, Jeff Coffin, Rod McGaha and Bela Fleck. She is the resident vocalist with the Nashville Jazz Orchestra, with whom she has recorded, and she gave a celebrated sold-out performance with the Nashville Symphony Pops Orchestra, An Evening of Jazz. She has won a large, devoted following in her home town that has garnered five consecutive "Best Jazz Artist" awards from the Nashville media and the #1 best selling local artist for two years at Tower Records Nashville.

She stepped up her music studies, taking guitar at the New School while living and performing in New York City for a time. She also coached with Rebecca Paris in Boston and Rhiannon in Hawaii. Soon, she was stretching her wings beyond the Nashville area traveling to Europe, Japan, Canada and throughout the United States establishing solid fan bases centered in Atlanta and Birmingham, the major cities along the east coast from Hilton Head to West Palm Beach, Cincinnati, Los Angeles and Montreal. Her club appearances in Montreal resulted in an invitation to perform at the 2006 and 2008 Montreal Jazz Festivals. She has also made regular appearances at West Coast Jazz Party, Newport Beach Jazz Party, Vail Jazz Festival and she opened for Curtis Stigers at the Gene Harris Jazz Festival. In 2006, she toured with Mark O'Connor's Hot Swing. She has made six Japan tours covering twenty cities both as a soloist and featured vocalist with John DiMartino, David Hazeltine, Grant Stewart and the late Eddie Higgins.

- Robyn Carey Allgeyer