Brendan James with Opener Pete Muller in the Lounge - 11/22/19

Brendan James with Opener Pete Muller in the Lounge - 11/22/19

Friday, November 22 2019 5:30pm Doors / 7:00pm Start / Ends 8:30pm (Estimated End Time)


General Admission
Fri Nov 22 2019

Brendan James with Opener Pete Muller in the Lounge - 11/22/19

at City Winery The Lounge at City Winery

8:30pm (Estimated End Time)


General Admission





The rising star continues to rise.


For those who have followed Brendan James from his 2008 major label debut to his current ranking among today’s top troubadours, the journey has been a pretty remarkable one.


Born in New Hampshire, schooled in Chapel Hill, signed by Capitol Records by the age of 25, and road-tested with a thousand shows to date, James has certainly lived the life of a troubadour. His songs have landed spots on over 15 major television shows and feature films and he’s achieved the #1 Singer Songwriter spot on iTunes, multiple times. He has formed relationships with music legends Carly Simon and Cat Stevens, enjoyed on-stage experiences with the likes of John Legend, John Mayer, and Paula Cole, and recently been asked to give a TedTalk on gun violence, love songs, and simpler societies.


Now, after two years of touring in support of his 2012 release, Simplify, James embarks on an altogether new sound. His new EP, The Howl, set for release in the summer of 2015, is bigger, badder, and dancier than anything he’s attempted to date. In his words, The Howl is “…a reflection of my years on the road, my dreams broken and reformed, and my growing addiction to the upbeat and the feel good.” He chose the name after reading a review of his last album, in which he was described as an artist holding back a howl. So howling he will do: bigger songs, bigger shows, and bigger goals.


Keep an eye out for a full summer touring schedule, and for multiple musical releases in the next 16 months.


Don’t miss a beat, folks. You’ll thank me later.




Pete Muller 


Pete Muller is an American singer-songwriter whose passion for math and music forged a rather unconventional path. His sound can be described as Americana with a rock and soul vibe, and his single, "Let You In," is getting national airplay.


 Born to hard-working immigrant parents, Muller learned to play the piano as a teenager and studied math at Princeton. After graduating, Muller spent time composing music for a rhythmic gymnastics team in Northern California before realizing that his talent for numbers could be useful in figuring out capital markets. He became a pioneering quant trader (well before it was cool to be a nerd), and achieved considerable success in the financial world before famously taking a break to reconnect with music.


 Muller briefly attended the graduate musical theater program at Tisch/NYU and, while he found that musical theater wasn't for him, he reveled in the feedback and critiques from the other students. Intent on creating a similar environment, Muller started a songwriting circle, gathering like-minded artists at his apartment every week to share their newest work.


  As Muller continues to guide the widely admired, mathematically driven investment fund, Process Driven Trading (PDT), he remains committed to creating time for his music.


 In May 2019, Muller released his fourth studio album, Dissolve, produced by the legendary Rob Mathes. The music has been hailed as "poignant" by People magazine and was recently featured in American Songwriter. Muller himself has been described by acclaimed producer and musician, Quincy Jones, as "one of a kind with a brilliant mind (and with) the heart and soul to match!" Muller also pushes himself as a live performer – from playing on the New York City subway platforms to stages all around the world.


 Muller has long been a champion of music education and the arts. In 2017, Muller spearheaded the Berklee School of Music's acquisition of New York City's Power Station recording studio, saving the iconic space from being shuttered. In partnership with the city, Muller is helping transform the beleaguered studio into a world-class facility that Berklee will use as its first New York outpost for students.

 Beyond his ambitious financial and musical careers, Muller still finds time to pursue other passions. He is an avid surfer, dedicated yogi, and prolific crossword puzzle constructor - you can find his challenging, music-themed, "meta-puzzles" monthly in the Washington Post.


 "It's always about energy and figuring out what your deepest truth is," says Muller of his various endeavors. "If you are excited and passionate about whatever you're doing, just keep doing that."