AmericanaFest 2018 - McKenzie Lockhart, William Prince, & Ordinary Elephant in the Lounge - 9/15/18

AmericanaFest 2018 - McKenzie Lockhart, William Prince, & Ordinary Elephant in the Lounge - 9/15/18

Saturday, September 15 2018 7:00pm Doors / 8:00pm Start / Ends 11:00pm (Estimated End Time)


General Admission
Sat Sep 15 2018

AmericanaFest 2018 - McKenzie Lockhart, William Prince, & Ordinary Elephant in the Lounge - 9/15/18

at City Winery The Lounge at City Winery

11:00pm (Estimated End Time)


General Admission
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All AMERICANAFEST® showcases at City Winery Nashville are open to conference registrants and wristband holders. All tickets purchased through the City Winery website are for CITY WINERY VINOFILE MEMBERS ONLY. Vinofile Memberships can be purchased by clicking HERE.

City Winery Vinofile Member tickets purchased through the City Winery website grant ticket holders access to AMERICANAFEST® showcases being held at the City Winery Main Venue and in the Lounge only, and are a one day only ticket. This ticket does not gain entrance to showcases at other participating AMERICANAFEST® venues, or to City Winery on any other day.

“The coolest music scene today.” – The New York Times

The annual event brings together fans and music industry professionals alike, offering six days of celebration through seminars, panels and networking opportunities by day and raw, intimate showcases each night.

Our 19th annual AMERICANAFEST®: The Americana Music Festival & Conference will take place September 11-16, 2018, gathering thousands of artists, fans, and industry professionals from all over the world in Nashville, TN. With planning already underway, 2018 promises to once again be the must-attend event for anyone who loves the melting pot of Americana's influences including roots, folk, country, blues and soul-based music. Each year, AMERICANAFEST® brings together legendary artists, the next generation of rising stars, fans, and industry professionals for six days of music and education.

Our conference portion features numerous panels, seminars, exclusive day time performances, and much more, proudly providing Nashville's most educational music industry forum. This special event covers the interests and needs of artists, managers, labels, radio stations, publishers, agents, promoters, retailers, legal and business affairs executives, merchandisers and new media professionals – all enthusiastically attended and presented by music industry leaders.
 And FYI, you do not have to be a member of the Americana Music Association® or in the music industry to purchase a conference registration and attend all the events. We encourage all music lovers to be apart of the conference experience.

If you choose not to be a part of the entire AMERICANAFEST® experience through a conference registration, then our festival wristband is the option for you. For six nights, AMERICANAFEST® will feature 500 live performances at almost 60 of Nashville's most prominent venues and much, much, more! However, wristbands do not guarantee entry if venue is at capacity. In the event of a line, conference registrants have priority access. If there is a must see band on your list we suggest arriving to the venue early.

The Americana Music Association® is a professional trade organization whose mission is to advocate for the authentic voice of American Roots Music around the world.

How Our Mission Is Accomplished

The Americana Music Association® works closely with those in our industry, whether artists, labels, radio stations, retailers, print media, festivals, agents, publishers, etc. to help organize and build the infrastructure necessary for our genre to achieve success both creatively and financially.

To that end we conduct an ongoing publicity campaign to help brand and raise awareness of Americana, host the annual Americana Music Festival & Conference, publish the weekly Americana Airplay Chart, produce the annual Americana Music Honors & Awards show, participate in other industry events and conferences, produce member newsletters and marketing materials, conduct research about our industry and consumers, work to increase Americana's profile at retail, and serve as an advocate on behalf of Americana's interests.

We also focus on creating attention for the public profile of Americana. These efforts to enhance the general awareness of Americana take the form of projects that increase general visibility and help brand the genre - all with the ultimate goal of connecting artists to an appreciative audience.

The Americana Music Association® works behind the scenes within the music industry to foster an environment for growth: building infrastructure, creating networking opportunities, establishing channels that allow professional entities to work effectively and efficiently. Working smarter - not just harder - means achievement of greater success for the greatest number of participants.

Considered together, this range of objectives fosters an environment and encourages long-term growth, creating continually expanding opportunities at artistic as well as financial levels. Some of these efforts have direct impact and produce immediate, visible results. Some are indirect or ongoing in their nature, and may take much longer to bear fruit or prove their value. All are important, as we're in this for the long haul.