Hollyween: Holly Brewer - HUMANWINE's Mom in the Haymarket Lounge - 10/31/20 (Rescheduled from 6/17/20)

Hollyween: Holly Brewer - HUMANWINE's Mom in the Haymarket Lounge - 10/31/20 (Rescheduled from 6/17/20)

Saturday, October 31 2020 6:00pm Doors / 7:30pm Start


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Sat Oct 31 2020

Hollyween: Holly Brewer - HUMANWINE's Mom in the Haymarket Lounge - 10/31/20 (Rescheduled from 6/17/20)

at The Haymarket Lounge



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This show has been rescheduled from 6/17/20. All previously purchased tickets will be valid for the 10/31/20 date

Tickets $15, Night of Show $18

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"It wasn't planned. I pressed record and came out of it 8 days later with an album," says Holly Brewer. "I went back a few years on my own timeline and entered my world of three years ago. I could see the colors of the day, smell the scents. I jumped back into all my thoughts and feelings. I allowed my younger self to tell me their "story of now" - without giving any advice or warnings. I listened." The recipe for how Brewer went about this is detailed in the album's title track Medicine of Time Travel, a lush meditative guided step-by-step with 127 layered vocal tracks.

Medicine of Time travel is Brewer's first full-length LP under her own name. "I had felt safe hiding behind band names with HUMANWINE and The Folks Below but because I didn't do my usual thing, where I start out writing a personal song and keep widening the lens until it takes place in a fictional land and everything becomes a metaphor." she says, "I figured it was time to just be [me] about it."

If you could go back a few years and meet your younger self, not to give advice, not to give warnings but - to listen. Would you? "As soon as I had spent a goodly amount of time on my first leap back, I asked the younger me if they wanted to go back with me to a few years before that and see what me from six years ago was up to. Old me said yes and it actually worked!" she says, "Each time we went back in time, we would gain a new audience member from where we had just been. Back farther and farther each time collecting a new old me until the end when there were 15 of us standing around the littlest me as they told their "story of now". If your head isn't spinning yet then you're ready for this next part. Brewer continues, "basically, there is this 16 year old version of me who didn't want to participate in our little adventure and she made that very clear so, we moved on back a couple years without her, or so we thought. Turns out she had hopped on with us and didn't say anything until we were at our last time-hop. In the middle of the youngest version of me's "story of now" the 16 year old me chimes in with a tough love approach that nearly rips a hole in the space-time continuum! We scrambled to repair the seams and the result is two songs in different keys that overlap and intersect."

Medicine of Time Travel is an abridged sonic autobiography. "It's a choose your own adventure," she says, "the whole record is all over the place, sonically but so am I." Between making forts in the woods and creating fantasy worlds to escape a violent reality ("Bows and Arrows"), running around in teams of teenagers tagging up sexist advertisements ("Billboard Bandit"), singing a song on behalf of animals facing extinction ("Excess"), realizing the magnitude of consensual love ("Flesh Shapes"), fighting against all odds to make it out alive ("EACHONETEACHONE"), Medicine of Time Travel is brimming with genre fluid tracks and like every song from Brewer the one thing that binds all of her work together is - that voice.

"Holly Brewer, the iconoclastic gregarious tribal-tattooed ethereal singer/songwriter, has one of those voices descended from the heavens in the company of Lisa Gerrard, Elizabeth Fraser and Bjork." - Oedipus WBCN

Medicine of Time Travel marks the tenth release from Nervous Relatives Records, a label Brewer began in 2001 to house the releases of her band HUMANWINE and included later projects The Folks Below, Crow Calls Fox and now, Holly Brewer.

"Holly Brewer makes music that dances between raindrops, sending up green shoots between the broken cobblestones of folk, punk, mythology and open revolt. It is a soundtrack to broken rules and mutant genres, evoking a world that skips over the Age of Oil and all its cruelties, stitching together a patchwork of past and future, a do-it-yourself apocalypse that is strangely utopian." - Dan Abbott

Medicine of Time Travel was produced, written, performed, engineered and mastered by Holly Brewer in her studio, "I play all the instruments and do all the voices. Under my lofted bed I've built a humble little studio. Just me and my machines. I almost love mixing as much as recording, almost."

"Movement is all I've ever known. No time to grow much moss, that's for sure," Brewer laughs, moving up to four times a year as a child and her music has taken her across the United States, across Canada, into Iraq, Turkey, Cuba, and all over South Africa. She hopes one day to know every dialect of every single language on Earth, "because I like talking to people but I love talking with people. There's a story happening every second."

Giving up the album format for 2020, Brewer is releasing one song every month through her active Patreon page, "I'm people-funded now so which allows me much more time to create," she says, "I'm making a soundtrack for a play this year and I hope to make my first ever music video!"