There is an old saying: “Wine is made in the Vineyard,” which is why we source from over 30 world-class vineyards in California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Argentina and Chile, bringing the best grapes we can to each of our facilities. From our Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon to our Finger Lakes Riesling, our wines are always crafted with terroir in mind.


We take great pride in sourcing our grapes from some of the world's best-regarded vineyards, including Cabernet Sauvignon from Bettinelli in the Napa Valley or Sagemoore Vineyard in the Columbia Valley, Pinot Noir from Hyland Vineyards in the Willamette Valley, Chardonnay from Tula Vista Vineyard in Sonoma, Riesling from Uva Blancas in the Finger Lakes, and Malbec from the esteemed Catena Vineyards in Mendoza.

Winemaking Process

David Lecomte has been our main winemaker since the founding of our company. Trained in France, David uses old country winemaking methodology combined with 21st century technology to deliver amazing wine and a great value into your glass. We do it all in our urban winery, from grape selection to fermentation to blending and bottling.


We contract select vineyards to supply grapes. Members consult with us prior to harvest to choose their perferred varietal and vineyard.

crush and maceration

Grapes are inspected upon arrival and if approved, de stemmed, sorted and finally crushed.


After fermentation the wine is barreled into the cellar to begin aging per the wine makers and members design. Typical aging is 6-10 months but options exist for aging up to 24 months.


After the wine has aged to it’s optimal condition, the members and winemakers discuss blending options if desired. Members can use City Winery's wine to further refine their wines as needed.


The finished wine is hand bottled and labeled. Members can choose from a variety of options from cork to capsule bottle style and label design.

the result

The end result is a carefully crafted wine made locally with grapes from the best vineyards globally.

David Lecomte Chief Winemaker
A native of the Rhone Valley, David most likely has grape vines entwined into his genetic code.

Chief winemaker

David Lecomte

As far as David is concerned, winemaking is an endless learning process, not a science. As testimony to this philosophy, David has worked at some of the best-known wineries in the world. He continues this process at City Winery as its Head Winemaker. A native of the Rhone Valley, David most likely has grape vines entwined into his genetic code. Armed with a Degree in Viticulture and Winemaking from the University of Davaye in South Burgundy, plus a Master Degree of Enology and Winemaking from University of Montpellier, David began his wine career at M. Chapoutier Estate as a vineyard worker at the age of 22. He has since worked at other wineries in France (Delas et Fils, Cave de Tain L'Hermitage and Colombo), China (Beijing Dragon Seal), and three wine regions in the United States (Virginia - at Afton Mountain Vineyard; Long Island, NY - at Premium Wine Group, and in California - at Herzog Wine Cellars).

In his role as Head Winemaker at City Winery, David takes on the unusual task of creating wine in the middle of Manhattan. Equipped with a deep appreciation for the importance of soil, climate, grape selection and vineyard practices, he is particularly dexterous in the art of identifying where the best of each grape variety is grown and gathering the fruit from the finest vineyards. As David states: "There are no perfect winemaking recipes because each combination of variety, soil, climate, vineyard management and cellar equipment is unique."