Sauvignon Blanc

Windrem Vineyard

Sits atop alluvial deposits of soils eroded over the millennia from the surrounding hills and mountains that comprise the northern portion of the Mayacamas Range. At an altitude of 1,360 feet, the vineyard lies about 2 miles south of Clear Lake and about one mile west of Mt. Konocti, a dormant volcano that towers above the entire region. The elevation of this site, coupled with the effects of the lake & surrounding mountains, causes diurnal temperature swings that are commonly 45 F - conditions that allow for ample acid retention during fruit maturation.

  • Lake County, Clear Lake, CA
  • Clone 1 on 5 rootstock
  • Terroir: Volcanic origin / Sandy Loam
  • Double cordon Lyre trellising

WINE STYLE: Bright and clear pale straw. Pear & peach with moderate stone fruit and citrus fruit expression on the nose. Bright and racy with minerality note.