Jorma’s March Medicine Music to Heal the Soul. An exclusive Masterclass workshop with Jorma for 2 hours of online lessons of his most  popular songs
March 14th, 21st and 28th from 1-3pm
March 14, 2021  1-3pm   BUY TICKETS HERE
Telling a story without words 
Level 3 / Fingerstyle 

My plan for this class is to look at the basics (on an intermediate level) of a good instrumental. Mainly mine. Writing an instrumental piece as a hit song is not easy to do. But I have some favorites. Some I’ve played acoustic as well as electric. We will be looking at what makes a good instrumental make any listener feel like they just heard a good story. We will start with one of my instrumentals and I will show you how to use dynamic techniques to make the song more than just a collection of notes and chords.

March 21, 2021 1-3pm   BUY TICKETS HERE
The Left Hand is What you Know, The Right Hand is Who You Are 
Level 2/ Fingerstyle

This workshop will provide a solid introduction to fingerpicking guitar, including development of that reliable thumb so essential to mastering this style. We will emphasize the thumb’s job in holding down the alternating and often syncopated bass line, against a picked melody. We’ll venture out of first position, and work with chord shapes up the neck, as well as with related licks that add color and personality to songs. And it is, after all, about the songs! It will be assumed that students have familiarity with first position “cowboy” chords, and may even have substantial experience as lead or rhythm guitarists, but are relatively new to the fingerstyle approach to picking.

March 28, 2021 1-3pm   BUY TICKETS HERE
Still Got The Blues
Level 3/ Fingerstyle 
Still got the blues… and you will too if you join us for this class. I’m going back to the blues well. It’s a deep well that set me on fire as a young musician. From Muddy Waters to Jesse Fuller I was inspired to find my own voice which I did with the help of my old Gibson. Drawing from a lifetime of blues excursions, I will take you back to that place and break down a few of my favorite blues songs. Though this is a level 3 fingerstyle class, we will be addressing advanced technique and execution in addition to, “just learning the songs.”