Wednesday, April 21 2021 6pm Doors / 7pm Start
Wed Apr 21 2021


at City Winery New York City


General Admission Private Table Seating


$70 per seat - Stage Premier 



$65 per seat - Orchestra

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$55 per seat - Balcony Premier

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Welcome Back To City Winery! 

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The Show Must Go On...Just a Bit Differently!  

Welcome to the first-of-its-kind City Winery show featuring a Socially-Distanced Seating Layout. Out of an abundance of caution, and in keeping with official local health guidelines:

  • All guests are recommended to complete a pre-arrival health screening through CLEAR.  This will expedite your entrance by downloading the app and filling in your information prior to arrival, bypassing the in-person health screening and going direclty to your seats after temperature check. Download the CLEAR APP, enroll for free and Enter Guest Code CWNYC57 to complete your health screening prior to arrival

  • All other guest's will complete a contactless temperature check and wellness questionnaire (we take this, too) prior to entering our venue. Also, we require all patrons to wear a mask or face covering when entering and moving throughout public areas.  You're welcome to take off your mask at your table. 

  • We are no longer seating unaffiliated parties at the same table.  As such, tickets for this show will be sold in quantities of 2-4 select the appropriate group size for you and your companions. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to welcoming you to our new "safe but still intimate" concert venue. 

  • We will be continually updating our seating map to adhere to all official guidelines regarding social distance requirements as they evolve. All seating will be General Admission within each ticket tier;  we recommend coming to the venue two hours early to enjoy a pre-show dinner (with contactless ordering and payment!) for the best arrival experience. 

Jorma Kaukonen

“A pioneer of San Francisco psychedelia, Jorma Kaukonen is a bona  fide graybeard folk swami. He mostly lays back, a master in situ,  unfurling melodies and savoring every note. – Rolling Stone Magazine 

In a career that has already spanned a half-century, Jorma Kaukonen has  been one of the most highly respected interpreters of American roots  music, blues, and rock. A member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and a  Grammy recipient, Jorma was at the forefront of popular rock and roll, one  of the founders of the San Francisco sound and a progenitor of Psychedelic  Rock. He is a founding member of two legendary bands, Jefferson  Airplane and the still-touring Hot Tuna. Jorma Kaukonen is a music legend  and one of the finest singer-songwriters in his field. He continues to tour  the world bringing his unique styling to old blues tunes while presenting  new songs of weight and dimension. His secret is in playing spontaneous  and unfiltered music, with an individual expression of personality. In 2016,  Jorma, Jack Casady and the other members of Jefferson Airplane were  awarded The GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award for their contributions  to American music. 

"A mesmerizing storyteller, Kaukonen delivers a memoir as intricate  and dazzling as his music." —Publishers Weekly, starred review 

In 2019 St. Martin’s Press published Jorma‘s autobiography, Been So  Long: My Life and Music, written to express his life both in and out of the  music world. As Kaukonen describes, “My story is my story. Having told bits  and pieces of it over my lifetime to a treasured few, it was time to tell all to a  bigger audience...From rehearsals and jams in small apartments and tiny  back rooms to Monterey, Woodstock, Altamont, the Rock And Roll Hall Of  Fame, the world of the Grammys and beyond… this is part of the road I live  on. This is my embryonic journey and much, much more!” 

"At a time when many rock stars are releasing memoirs, Jorma  Kaukonen's Been So Long: My Life and Music stands apart.... an  incredibly insightful look inside the life of a musician who was not  only influenced by some of America’s greatest music but who also left  an indelible mark on that very same musical landscape." —AXS 

The son of a State Department official, Jorma Kaukonen, Jr. was born and  raised in the Washington D.C. area, with occasional extended trips outside 

the United States. He was a devotee of rock and roll in the Buddy Holly era  but soon developed a love for the blues and bluegrass that were profuse in  the clubs and concerts in the nation’s capital. It inspired him to take up  guitar and play that kind of music himself. Soon he met Jack Casady, the  younger brother of a friend and a wonderful guitar player in his own right.  Though they could not have known it, they were beginning a musical  partnership that has continued for more than 50 years. 

Jorma graduated from high school and headed off for Antioch College in  Ohio, where he met Ian Buchanan, who introduced him to the elaborate  fingerstyle fretwork of the Rev. Gary Davis. A work-study program in New  York introduced Jorma, the increasingly skilled guitarist, to that city’s  burgeoning folk-blues-bluegrass scene and many of its players. After a  break from college and travel overseas, Jorma moved to California, where  he returned to classes at Santa Clara University and earned money by  teaching guitar. It was at this time, in 1965, that he met Paul Kantner and  was invited to join a new not-yet-named rock band Kantner was forming  with Marty Balin. As a self-described blues purist, Kaukonen was initially  reluctant, but found his imagination excited by the arsenal of effects  available to electric guitar, later remarking that he was "sucked in by  technology." With the group still looking for a name, Kaukonen suggested  Jefferson Airplane, inspired by an eccentric friend who had given his dog  the name "Blind Lemon Jefferson Airplane." Jorma invited his old musical  partner Jack Casady to come out to San Francisco and play electric bass  for the new band, and together they created much of Jefferson Airplane’s  signature sound. 

A pioneer of counterculture-era psychedelic rock, the group was the first  band from the San Francisco scene to achieve international mainstream  success. Their 1967 record Surrealistic Pillow is regarded as one of the key  recordings of the "Summer of Love."  

“Jorma Kaukonen is a force in American music, equally adept at  fingerpicked acoustic folk and blues as he is at wailing on an  electric.” – Acoustic Guitar 

Jorma and Jack would jam whenever they could and would sometimes  perform sets within sets at Airplane concerts. The two would often play  clubs following Airplane performances. Making a name for themselves as a  duo, they struck a record deal, and Hot Tuna was born. Jorma left Jefferson  Airplane after the band’s most productive five years, pursuing his full-time 

job with Hot Tuna. Over the past five decades Hot Tuna has performed  thousands of concerts and released more than two-dozen records. The  musicians who have performed with them are many and widely varied, as  are their styles — from acoustic to long and loud electric jams, but never  straying far from their musical roots. What is remarkable is that they have  never coasted. Hot Tuna today sounds better than ever.  

“It is Kaukonen’s original material that best tells the story.” – Forbes 

Jorma’s originals from his poignant instrumentals, “Embryonic  Journey” (Jefferson Airplane - Surrealistic Pillow) and “The Water  Song” (Hot Tuna - Burgers), to his insightful lyrics, “Genesis” (Jorma  Kaukonen - Quah), have stood the test of time. Having an undeniable  feeling of significance, they have been included in films and covered by  many artists who have been inspired by his depth and continuity of spirit. 

“[His] dexterity runs circles around most players … His material  stands the test of time in a way that most others will not.” – Billboard 

In addition to his work with Hot Tuna, Jorma has recorded more than a  dozen solo albums on major labels beginning with 1974’s Quah and  continuing with his recent acoustic releases on Red House Records —  Stars in My Crown (2007) produced by Byron House, River of Time (2009)  produced by Larry Campbell and featuring Levon Helm and Jorma’s latest  solo album, Ain’t in No Hurry (2015) also produced by Larry Campbell and  featuring Jack Casady.  

"Clearly not content on resting on any of his legendary laurels, Jorma  Kaukonen continues to find ways to wed his muse to the right  material and create a colorful tableau." – Relix 

But performance and recording are only part of the story.  

As the leading practitioner and teacher of fingerstyle guitar, Jorma and his  wife Vanessa Lillian operate one of the world’s most unique centers for the  study of guitar and other instruments. Jorma Kaukonen’s Fur Peace Ranch  Guitar Camp is located on 125 acres of fields, woods, hills, and streams in  

the Appalachian foothills of Southeastern Ohio. Since it opened in 1998,  thousands of musicians whose skills range from basic to highly  accomplished gather for weekends of master instruction offered by Jorma  and other instructors who are leaders in their musical fields. A multitude of 

renowned performers make the trek to Ohio to teach at Fur Peace Ranch  and play at the performance hall, Fur Peace Station. It has become an  important stop on the touring circuit for artists who do not normally play  intimate 200-seat venues, bringing such artists as David Bromberg, Roger  McGuinn, Arlo Guthrie, Dave Alvin, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Warren Haynes,  Lee Roy Parnell, Chris Hillman and more. Students, instructors, and visiting  artists alike welcome the peace and tranquility -- as well as the great music  and great instruction -- that Fur Peace Ranch offers.  

At Fur Peace Ranch the Kaukonens have created the Psylodelic Gallery,  a museum in a silo, celebrating the music, art, culture, and literature of  the 1960's, tracing important events and movements of the psychedelic  era. They produce concerts at the Fur Peace Station which are  streamed internationally on YouTube as well as broadcast on WOUB 91.3  FM. The Kaukonens there support their local community through art  festivals and a restaurant on site. 

Jorma Kaukonen is constantly looking to take his musical horizons further  still, always moving forward and he is quick to say that teaching is among  the most rewarding aspects of his career. “You just can’t go backward. The  arrow of time only goes in one direction.”