Regine Rousseau: Book + Wine Pairing - 10/16/18

Regine Rousseau: Book + Wine Pairing - 10/16/18

Tuesday, October 16 2018 6:00pm Doors / 7:00pm Start / Ends 8:00pm (Estimated End Time)


General Admission
Tue Oct 16 2018

Regine Rousseau: Book + Wine Pairing - 10/16/18

at City Winery Nashville

8:00pm (Estimated End Time)


General Admission



Description: Join us for a sensorial journey through words, wine and rhythm as Regine T. Rousseau celebrates her second book installation of poetry, Searching for Cloves and Lilies: The Wine Edition!

Audience members will be part of a rare wine pairing opportunity with the author. Inspired by the rhythmic nuances of music and the structural complexities of wine, Regine uses her artistry with words to anchor the raw emotions depicted in Searching for Cloves and Lilies. A specially curated experience both unique and immersive, her poems act as a canvas for the paired wine and song selections which mimic the soulful complexity of the poetry itself. Each pairing collectively captures the variety of feelings amid all the triumphs, confessional vulnerabilities and hope channelled through her poetic subjects.

Rousseau's work mixes short, sharp portraits of her friends and family with musings about her own experiences with love and loss. Providing an intimate glimpse into her life, Rousseau examines failed relationships and wonders at bad luck with romance. She writes odes to the men who abandoned her and those who stayed. She tells of deep loss and trauma but also the beauties of family, friendship and faith.

While the poems in this collection are striking on their own, The Wine Edition pairs each poem with a suggested wine to heighten your reading. Rousseau uses her experience as a sommelier to create experiences that flood the senses with a combination of words that are truly unforgettable.

This unique collection lays out which wine to pair with heartache and which best represents the state of modern relationships.

"On the scale of authorial loveliness, she set the bar high." - The New Yorker

*Included in this experience is a selection of curated wine pairings. Our full menu will be available to order for additional cost*

About the author:


Sommelier Regine T. Rousseau fell in love with wine during a college study abroad trip to Besanc̀§on, France. Bitten by the wine bug early on, she began her career in the beverage industry as a salesperson for a wine distributor. While in this role Rousseau noticed how the barrier of “wine speak” formed a disconnect between wine professionals and consumers. Inspired to bridge the gap, Rousseau started her company Shall We Wine, a wine, spirits and beer tasting company based in Chicago.


At Shall We Wine, Rousseau helps national and boutique wine and spirits brands expand their presence across the Midwest; while also providing wine education through events, books and videos that she develops.


Making wine approachable for everyone is at the core of Rousseau’s work. She and her expertly trained Shall We Wine team are masters at translating complex terminology into language that individuals of every level of wine proficiency appreciates.


Language is also integral to Rousseau’s work as a poet and published author where wine and written word are often interwoven. In her latest book, Searching for Cloves and Lilies: The Wine Edition (published April 2018), Rousseau boldly illustrates the dynamics of personal relationships while pairing each poem with wine that echoes the mood of her writing. And in Champagne Diaries, an original dramatic blog and the inspiration for her next book, Rousseau takes readers on the journey of the main character named Champagne.


Rousseau received her Level II certification from the International Sommeli- er Guild and an Executive Bourbon Steward from Stave and Thief Society. Rousseau has been listed as one of “40 African-American Tastemakers,” and she is a Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic semi-finalist.


Rousseau travels across the globe sharing her wine and beverage expertise and she was a panelist at the inaugural Blacks in Wine Symposium. Rous- seau has been featured in The New Yorker, Ninth Letter, Cuisine Noir and Wine Enthusiast Magazine.


For more information, visit and For bookings, contact Connect with Rousseau on Instagram and Facebook at @shallwewine, @shallwewinechi on Twitter and join the #shallwewineputmeon community.