Hotel Nashville featuring Rosalie, Kurtis John, Alissa Moreno, Stevie Rae, Jude Johnstone, Joel Jorgensen, and Sarah Aili in the Lounge - 6/16/18

Hotel Nashville featuring Rosalie, Kurtis John, Alissa Moreno, Stevie Rae, Jude Johnstone, Joel Jorgensen, and Sarah Aili in the Lounge - 6/16/18

Saturday, June 16 2018 5:30pm Doors / 7:00pm Start


General Admission
Sat Jun 16 2018

Hotel Nashville featuring Rosalie, Kurtis John, Alissa Moreno, Stevie Rae, Jude Johnstone, Joel Jorgensen, and Sarah Aili in the Lounge - 6/16/18

at City Winery Nashville



General Admission
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Hotel Nashville is California songwriters living in Nashville...


Rosalie is a singer/songwriter who fuses a folk spirit with pop-inspired melodies and Nashville songwriting craft. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she cut her teeth at her home venue Hotel Cafe, while being named an iHeartRadio Artist To Watch and nabbing a sync placement in Ghost Whisperer. Everything came to a grinding halt though after a debilitating illness forced her to take a hiatus and caused her to lose her voice for years. She didn’t know if she would ever be able to sing again, but after rehabbing her voice, she gratefully recovered - and she is now back, stronger than ever, and incredibly grateful.  She moved to Nashville for a fresh start, and is working on her first EP since being able to sing again with Grammy-winner Matthew Odmark from Jars of Clay.


Stevie Rae is a pop singer-songwriter whose powerhouse vocals, presented through honest lyricism and soaring melodies, create the perfect canvas for her message of empowerment and feminism. Influenced by Sara Bareilles, Lady Gaga, Adele, Barbara Streisand, Etta James, Ryan Tedder, and Barcelona, Stevie Rae infuses her music with intensity and emotion. Her vocal range and power rests on a foundation of contemporary, dynamic piano. Past achievements range from reaching the top 75 on American Idol season 12 to singing the National Anthem for the San Francisco Giants. With a BA in Recording Technology and a MM in Songwriting, she has written, produced, and engineered two full-length albums featuring musicians from across the globe. Born and raised in Northern California, the decision to move to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a vibrant career in songwriting was a difficult and fantastic choice. Since moving, she has filmed a major music video for her single, Looks So Good, secured a handful of residencies at local writer's rounds, and started writing and producing her newest EP, LadyLike.





Former lead singer of Renata and Virgin Records’ The Last Goodnight, Kurtis John has spent the last decade writing, recording, touring and producing music that has made its way onto stages and radio stations, and into movie theaters and households around the world. Born and raised in the small town of Enfi eld, Connecticut, Kurtis began performing in the church choir before joining several local punk rock bands rooted in his community’s parish. A bona fide singer and multi-instrumentalist, much of Kurtis’ inspiration comes from his father, a consummate piano player who was blind before Kurtis was born and who taught his son to feel, hear and understand music, rather than simply reading and performing it. By the time he was 15, Kurtis had formed Renata who, in their 3 releases, became area favorites, opening for Avril Lavigne and Lifehouse, and had their songs placed on MTV, VH1 and the WB, earning Kurtis a publishing deal with Zomba and, eventually Universal Music Publishing.

In 2007, Kurtis found mainstream success as the lead singer and songwriter for The Last Goodnight (which included members of Renata). The six-piece toured several times throughout

North America and found chart-topping success throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia behind the strength of hit singles “Pictures Of You” and “Stay Beautiful.” Both tracks reached the Top 5 on the US Hot AC Chart and, among their many placements, the former was the most played song in Australia throughout 2007 and soundtracked national campaigns for Kodak and New Line Cinema’s “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” as well as promos for ABC’s “Brothers & Sisters” and the latter became the music bed for “Ugly Betty” promos throughout

Australia. Currently, the Connecticut native calls Nashville home, as he continues honing his skills as a producer and writer. He released his self-produced, solo and self-titled debut EP in

2011 and is currently writing and producing for multiple projects.


Jorgensen is a Americana singer from Los Angeles CA.

Influences: Beck, Dylon, Bob Seger, Amos Lee

For over a decade Jorgensen has been performing his original music across the United States.

Like all artists he has experienced the full brunt of the industry as it swayed through its ups and


Jorgensen also writes music for TV film and Radio.

If you are to ask Jorgensen how he has lasted through three record deals and relocated his life

countless times in this shaky industry , he will reply with, “diversification is the key to survival in

today’s entertainment industry”


Alissa Moreno was born on a small Navajo reservation then grew up in

Albuquerque, New Mexico. After a music education and a year in Hawaii writing songs,

she moved to Los Angeles. As an artist, she began her career performing on Sunday

nights at Hotel Cafe, coming up with a crew of budding artists such as Gary Jules, Jason

Mraz, Waz, Meiko and many more. She then co-wrote/co-performed the ABC sitcom

Hope and Faith theme song. Her song Next Time was featured in full at the end of LC’s

San Fran episode of MTV’s Laguna Beach and is featured on the Interscope Records

release Laguna Beach: Summer Can Last Forever. She co-wrote the Grammy

nominated hit Every Day for Rascal Flatts, she wrote Strings with Big Al Anderson

featuring Vince Gill, and Walking Blind with The Voice Season 1 winner, (Team

Adam) Javier Colon, and two on his previous album When and That’s My Little Girl.

She wrote the John Oates and The Time Jumpers single Santa Be Good To Me and

the Grammy winning Morgan Heritage’s second single Pineapple Wine on the Grammy

nominated album Avrakedabra. She wrote the current single Beautiful World for

Russian superstar Alexander Kogan, The Yee-Haw Song for Uncle Si and the Sicotics

(Duck Dynasty) and a handful of singles and cuts from around the world including the

South African Idol winner Elvis Blue song Only Wanna Be With You. From her debut

album, In Your Wake, her single Far From Here was the show ID for the Lifetime

series Army Wives. Her music is featured in television and film with numerous songs

licensed to The Vineyard, The Hills, Laguna Beach, How I Met Your Mother,

Guiding Light, Will and Grace, Criminal Minds, commercials such as Tide, Belk,

Young and The Restless Promo, and Central Way Numbers, and many others

including the films Daltry Calhoun, Undiscovered, and Slamdance hit Mall Cop. She

was the vocal coach to Ben Affleck for his SAG award winning role in Hollywoodland.

Alissa currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, is a SAG performer, and has written with

and been recorded by artists such as Colbie Cailat, Rascall Flatts, Sara Evans, Alex Da

Kidd, Kina Grannis, StreetRunner, JoJo, Chuck Wicks, Mallary Hope, Kate

Voegelle, Javier Colon, Nikola Bedingfield, Corey Chorus, Nila, Lil Eddie, Fast

Ball, Big Al Anderson, Vince Gill, John Oates, Nash Overstreet, Cady Groves and

Vertical Horizon. She has two new Country singles slated to come out first quarter of

2018, one in Canada and one in the U.S. She doesn’t want to jinx it, but keep your eyes

peeled at WalMart for one of your all time favorite reality TV stars new album!