19th Annual Downtown Seder at City Winery Boston - 4/9/19

19th Annual Downtown Seder at City Winery Boston - 4/9/19

Tuesday, April 09 2019 6:00pm Doors / 7:00pm Start
Tue Apr 09 2019

19th Annual Downtown Seder at City Winery Boston - 4/9/19

at City Winery Boston


 $145 Front Seats

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 $110 Middle Seats

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 $70 Rear Seats

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Downtown Seder 2019 featuring an all-star line-up of performers and VIPs who will dine among guests and leading Boston in City Winery’s wildly imaginative and interactive 19th annual Passover Seder dinner, hosted by City Winery founder Michael Dorf.

The 2019 Downtown Seder will feature guests seated at elegant, long family-style tables, each set with the traditional accoutrements, including Seder plate and Matzoh. Performers, who are seated with guests throughout the room, will creatively expound on various sections of the Passover Haggadah (Seder text), which has been specially developed for this night. In an approximately 2 hours program, all of the customary traditions will be followed, including drinking of four glasses of wine (produced by City Winery), discussing the four different children, reciting the four questions, and eating a delicious  vegetarian meal  (kosher option avail per request) prepared by City Winery's Executive Chef 

What makes the Downtown Seder different from all other Seders is the addition of artists each offering their unique interpretation of the important lessons from the timeless Exodus story – the universal message of the journey from slavery to freedom.

“The Downtown Seder is specifically being held prior to the start of Passover so that guests might bring the inspiration into their homes and make their own Seder dinner more relevant,” said Dorf.

A limited number of tickets for the City Winery Seder are available, priced at $70, $110, $145. Vegetarian and kosher-style meals are included, with a Glatt Kosher option available for an additional $25.00/person.

This year we will be taking the Downtown Seder on the road so please tell you friends and family.

Paula Cole 

David Broza

BETTY (Alyson, Elizabeth, Amy)

Judy Gold

Melissa Ferrick

Ezekiel's Wheel Klezmer Band

Prof. Jonathan Kaufman


Phillip Martin

Callie Crossley

Prof. Lloyd Schwartz

Anita Diamant

Tanisha Sullivan

Jill Sobule


Soup: Vegetable Matzo (gluten free available)

Main: Smokey Ratatouille served on Riced Cauliflower

Dessert: Orange Honey Almond Cake

KOSHER MEALS: available for $25 per meal, must be arranged 48 hours before the Seder and paid for in advance. Any dietary restriction can be accommodated by contacting City Winery 48 hours prior to the event.

Platter #1

'Z'roa' -------Lamb Shank Bone 'Beitzah' ----- Hard Boiled Egg

'Maror' ------Horse Radish Root 'Karpas' ----- Parsley served w/ salted water

'Chazeret' ----Romaine lettuce 'Charoset'---- (apples, walnuts, and wine) served w/ horseradish

crudite w/ yogurt dip

Platter #2

tabbouleh salad, Israeli salad, Charoset (apples, walnuts), sweet potato spread, salty water w/ butter herb on the side, Matzo Crackers