City Winery Pet Nat Riesling 2019

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Tasting Notes
Aromas of baked apple and jasmine tea

Wine Profile

This wine feels like drinking in a delicate autumn evening in upstate New York.  On the palate, the wine calls to mind pears and honeysuckle and finishes with a subtle pumpkin spice note.

Pét-Nat is made using the most ancient and natural method for producing sparkling wine. The grapes are pressed immediately after picking and the juice undergoes a long, cool fermentation in a stainless steel tank. Before the fermentation is completed the wine is bottled and the fermentation continues in the bottle. All of the CO2 produced by the fermentation is trapped in the bottle and gives natural sparkling bubbles to the wine. The wine then ages in that same bottle, with the lees. Finally, after a year of aging and riddling, the wine is disgorged to remove the lees and to keep the freshness.

The Uvas Blancas vineyard owes more than just its signature views to Seneca Lake, as the rootstock comes from Hermann Wiemer, one of the area's most prominent Riesling producers. With plantings extending to the shore, the moderating effects of the 600-foot deep lake create a macro-climate that generates superb Riesling grapes in this this cool-climate AVA. 

"Wine is like drinking in a delicate autumn evening"

Michael, Head Winemaker

Variety Riesling
Alcohol 12.2%
Vintage 2019
Volume 750 ML
Vineyard Uvas Blancas Vineyard
Case Production 50
Aging Capacity 2-4 years

How City Winery Makes Wine

Step 1
We contract carefully selected vineyards to supply grapes. Prior to harvest we choose our preferred varietals and make shipping arrangements.
Step 2
Crush and Maceration
Grapes are inspected upon arrival and if approved, de stemmed, sorted, and finally crushed.
Step 3
After fermentation the wine is barreled into the cellar to begin aging per the winemakers design. Typical aging is 6-10 months but options exist for aging up to 24 months.
Step 4
After the wine has aged to its optimal condition, our winemakers further refine the wine by blending it with other wines if desired.
Step 6
The finished wine is hand bottled, corked, and labeled.
Step 6
The Result
A carefully crafted wine made with grapes from the best vineyards and produced locally. Indulge.

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